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Zoetix Media Security protocols require daily log for executives.  Transcript from Pale Fox LOGBOOK on Saturday, APRIL 22: Earth Day


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06:00 Alarm: Awake

WELLFIT Readings: Body Stats-Normal; Sleep Index-Amber Breakfast Suggestions: Krav Maga workout (30 minutes) + Breakfast Fruit Pack 2 + Protein Pack 4 = 400 Calories

PALEFOX PDA LOG: 7:00 Check-in with ZOETIX ASOA Office Secure Update on Weapons Trafficking Syndicate story.

8:00 ZOETIX’ DataSafe Harbor Alert re incoming data missile   DataSafe Harbor home to just over 1 billion Digital Avatars representing approximately 10 percent of all humanity fended off latest data missile attack. Some RAM (Rage Against the Machine) Movement groups are becoming cult-like and turning against pragmatist organizations like Zoetix.

9:00 Meeting with NYPD Disaster Resilience Team to Review Simulated Evacuation Plans for UN. War gaming the evacuation plans for the UN is off-schedule because the Secretary General–the first African woman to hold the position can’t find time to join the Senior Leadership Simulation Games. With the Chinese pushing for a vote to establish a second HQ in Beijing, she may be playing for time.

10:00 CHASQUI System Health Checkup Shows Warning of Hacking Attempt

Global good news network CHASQUI reports a hacking attempt of the UN ECOSOC platform synced through a Harmonic AGI partnership. Target is preparations underway to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the UN with global forum 1-PLANET:100-DAYS targeting 1 billion people to participate for only 10 Zoe$Coin each in the YEAR 2045 SimGames. VERITASECURE deployed to review the incident.

11:00 Meet with IDOCET & Financiers re Sky Farm Mega-City Project

IDOCET (International Data Owners Cooperative Economic Trust) Finance Team to meet with Wall Street financiers to review our proposal for investment in sky-farm theme parks that we would partner with another cooperative to run in mega-cities around the world. Trying to explain the hydra-headed beast that is the multiplex consortium spawned by the Zoetic Futures Commission and IDOCET, such as ZOETIX Media and Entertainment will not be easy.

12:00 Holoportation request from Sean Ezra Quochytewa nee Stromburg

Today is Dad’s 75th birthday.  I promised him lunch. Due to his longevity programming, he does not look a day over 65.  My Mom comes by her good looks naturally as she is part Mexican and part Hopi, hence my surname Quochytewa and not Stromburg. We all took Mom’s name. The holoport visit is as close to real life as I will be able to get until summer.  Wellfit Advisor recommends Asian meal for optimum fitness. Dad will protest.  Can recommend skinny pasta.

13:00 Zoetic Futures Commission Meet on Moon Rights Zoetic Futures Commission meeting to prepare case for International Human Rights Court. We maintain our commitment to advancing a shared vision of a life-affirming future, so must find a way to communicate planetary consciousness, or we won’t be able to hold off violent opposition to space settlements. We need World Parliament of Religions to support securing Rights of the Moon in the legal system or the mining folk will have no constraints. They have global influence that can make a difference before The Hague.

14:00 Deep Sea-Bed Mining Plan Leaked

Shadowy Neptune Mines Inc. plans to establish a sub-marine settlement and mine the deep seabed in the Pacific have been leaked. Critics decry the attempt to circumvent international law and conventional wisdom re deep seabed mining.  US Navy ships are steaming to the area.

15:00 Meeting of International Working Group on Human Data Sovereignty

Working Group to review the Articles on Use of AGI and impact on human social and cultural systems to ensure cultural diversity maintained; as well as tightening of the Global Data Protection Laws which regulate privacy and right to be forgotten.  Could Cassandra integrate our liquid democracy Futures Barometer exploring exo-consciousness versus transhumanism?

16:00 Check in with ‘Live from Lunarville-Human Heritage Site on the Moon’

Lunarville reports it has received its 1,000th visitor to the Chapel of All Religions on the Moon since opening its doors on international Moon Day 2035.

17:00 Planning Meeting for PEACE IN THE METAVERSE CLOSING FESTIVAL NIGHT @ Human Rights Conference

This year being the 100th Anniversary of the UN, we’re pulling out all the stops.  This will be bigger than Global Citizen.  Planning for 1 Billion people attend via ZOETIX HoloTron over the course of the 100 Day Festival. We’re using the new haptic VR to give that in-place feeling.

18:00 Testify in Court re 6G

Grateful for digital testimonies.  Back in my law school days in 2030 when the first E-Court and AI-enabled Jurist was established it was considered heresy, but the American Bar Association made it highly desirable for lawyers to do CEUs in Digital Literacy, and here we are.

19:00 NYC Subway Flood Levees Alarm

This Alarm system has been going off once a week for three weeks straight. We can’t find what is causing the anomaly. They should have gone with the barrier reef idea. Worse thing is long-range forecast says we are due for a hurricane in May.  I hope we can figure out the problem long before that.

20:00 Dinner & E-Games with the TWINS

Exhausted. I tell myself I am doing it for my twins, who are 10 going 60 and already planning their ascension into Heaven on Mars.  Lucky for me that blockbuster movie made us $3 Billion and a hero in their eyes.

21:00 REAL NEWS IN REAL TIME Global News Feed!

BUDDHIST ROBOT MONKS HACKED? Hilarious! Some jokers hacked into the  platform and had the monks giving instructions on How to Give Your Lover The Big O! Always good to end the day with a laugh.


Epic!  WELLFIT Log:

23:00 Sleep Hygiene Suggestions: 10 oz. Sleep Tea Mix 4 & 20-minutes Soundscape 11 24:00 Pale Fox NREM Sleep 1

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