Geometrics and Harmonics (to come)

Emerging edge… in June 2022, I learned of the physics, mathematics and modeling, shape dynamics based work of Julian Barbour, whose most recent book is The Janus Point (2020). His work on defining time as complexity indirectly confirms the novel view (of the cosmological energy density and pressure relationship) I defined in the early 2000s and which is the seed of unity logic. Barbour’s work in defining reality through shape dynamics refers consistently to harmonics and geometrics, so is an example of an emerging resource to note here.

Much more is planned to come in this section, so check back.

For now, whetting your appetite with a dialogue…

Unity Logic maps to everything.



Michael Francis Loveroot



But why does that matter?


It doesn’t always. But when it does, things shimmer and sing.


That’s nice. Now how do you explain how that matters?




[Drafty beginnings]

“Flow” is a word that points to an experiential state quite popular to evoke these days. It’s the “quantum” of the business world.

But what is flow? How is it the same and different in individuals as in groups or whole organizations? For instance how does “work-flow” relate to “flow state”?

More to come…