Re-wilding Technology

The solution we’ve all been longing for is so close — humans and nature synchronized once again.

It’s through existentially attuned information tools that we will achieve the living balance needed to navigate the technological age with aplomb.

MA-mcgee, Creative founder

Through a different relationship to natural language and digital content, next level information technology is achieved through enhanced and naturally-resonant harmonies, flows, and perceptions. It’s a re-wilding of technology that exclaims, Move aside “bigger, faster, stronger!” Healing Generation’s Unity Logic master algorithm will have our devices learning and responding in the harmonic reaches of information. Even before that, people will find it gives needed traction for the psychosocial reorientation already under way toward naturally emergent, self-(re)-organizing and potentially regenerative systems.


It’s more transformative than biomimetic technologies, because it’s also cosmomimetic.

Healing Generation IT aims to continue, through innovative digital development, research and implementation, to expand and support the collective development of natural language, mapping, and interlinking resources key to next generation web and IT, including an entertainingly speculative version of emergent AGI (artificial general intelligence) by 2039. 


Just as individuals can heal and gain meaningful coherence, so will our shared systems. IT is a grand opportunity. The key is the intellectual property (IP) Content integration ontological design algorithm,” based on more than 25 years of complex emergent systems experience, inquiry and research.

The IT-capacitated collective antidote to existential dissonance is ready to be birthed and Healing Generation is uniquely prepared to deliver it.

You’d think this would require heavy-duty mathematics and severe theoretical work. On the contrary, what it requires is stepping back from the mathematical arcana to see the overarching pattern of learning phenomena; and for this the layman, approaching the forest from a distance, is in some ways better placed than the specialist, already deeply immersed in the study of particular trees.”

Pedro Domingos, The Master Algorithm: how the quest for the ultimate learning machine will remake our world, Basic Books (2015)

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