Media piece “Unity Logic”

Unity Logic


Our Ascension

A Stairway Of Questions

The Stealth Audacity

Of Our Tower of Babel

If not a United Us

Then Who

Who will Architect

Our Stairway into the Singularity

My Ravenous Stare is still Amazed

At these …Visionary Artists

Heroic Dreamers

…And Mystic Revealers

But… Is this Everlasting Moment


To a Harmonious Ascension

Or has it absconded Creation

To Threatened Shadows Tiptoeing

The Minefield Of Our Fears

Are we Embracing

Our Birthright Creatorship

Or …Are we all luggaged

With So Many Unanswered Questions

We are Weary and Ready

To Outsource Creation

Beneath these Zeros and Ones

Is Artificial Intelligence

An Oxymoron

A condom to the soul

As it Asphyxiate in the Ejaculate

Of Our Own Malnourished Reflection

And When The Singularity

Comes of Age

As it Must

If not a Unified Fearless Us

Then Who

Who will sculpt the Masks

That Tomorrow will Wear

Who will Decide

What to Hide

And what to Bare


Harmony For Us All

Today is the Future of my Yesterday

And What is the Status of Our Creation

The Pandemic of Poverty Cured

A Sustainable Climate Relationship

Random Universal Access To Information

The Barbarism Of War Sleeps With the Dinosaurs

Have No Fear


The Ascension Is In…

Good Human Hands

Tommy Ricketts, April 2022