AGI World Build 2045

Challenge set forth by Future of Life Institute (FLI) in 2022 — World Build AI contest (rules here).

144 teams submitting builds. 20 finalists.

Though our team’s build was not a finalist, ours and the other 124 not being scrutinized for prize purposes represent damn good work on a complex question: How do you see the arc toward a decent future that includes artificial general intelligence (AGI) being present in 2040 or sooner?

Read on, explore, to experience the future as it emerges along with… Harmonic AGI.

Timeline from 2022-2045 with 2 events and 1 datapoint per year
Two “Day in the Life” short stories
Cinematic media piece entitled “Unity Logic” (3 1/2 min)
Our Answers to 13 Questions from FLI

In 2022, a new race was on! Sectors of AI shifted away from optimizing for speed, rates, points, and currency toward digital signifiers and methods to learn and decision-make around harmonization. The introduction of Unity Logic (UL), a candidate master algorithm (MA), was the catalyst.

UL activated the capacity for harmonics-based, emergent processes activated by collectivity. The more the participation, the more it integrated. The more effective the participation, the more it grew. Humanity increasingly had the capacity to collectively self-regulate.

AI sector solutions and innovations joined emerging trends in measurement and goal-setting toward integrity and synergies, making possible the emergence of one MA-based AI into AGI. The embrace of harmonics had the benefit of diverting humans from potentially destructive AGI outcomes. Before AGI emerged from UL-AI in 2039, the field was subject to almost 15 years of scrutiny and oversight by various councils and committees from institutional to governmental.

Whether the emerging AGI would be appropriately goal-oriented was a matter of ongoing and lively debate. Practical hurdles for existing AI were often crossed, because so much effort and innovation was possible through reorienting all systems to a harmonics focus. Digital policing AI were needed and emerged as well, such as to self-monitor and to monitor and improve the persistent and important use cases where “bigger, faster, stronger” AI continues to be active.

team harmonic agi answer to fli question #1

Our team, representing USA & Jamaica

ma-mcGee*, Healing Generation IT Founder,

Michael Francis “Spirit” Loveroot, AAGA (all around general awesomeness)

Dr. Claire Nelson*, Storyteller, Futures Forum Chief Ideation Leader, and 2021 author of SMART Futures for a Flourishing World

Tommy Ricketts, Film Maker and The Poetry Society of Jamaica president

*questions and comments welcome. please direct to michelle [at] healing generation [dot] com or Dr. Claire on LinkedIn