Science as deep observership

Think interpersonally and psychosocially. To understand our own or another’s choices and behaviors, look for “rational” explanations. You will see, it can never be “rational.” It’s possible to tell any number of stories (from strictly true to patently absurd) that explain our observations in rational ways. Ergo, the only purely rational approach to anything is curiosity and engagement. In a word PERMANENCE.

When we EXPAND AND BALANCE both curiosity and engagement, we relate in a balanced way to what is present in our experience. This is what we are observing, the instance of PERMANENCE that makes up our present encounter with the world. What we determine to change, aka test, as a result of the perception of this “ration” is our personal science.

It is important to understand that Science is not first a socio-cultural institution. It arises at a personal level, in how we experiment with, and then integrate, the tension of curiosity and engagement that is our own deep observership.

Science can thus further be understood as the ongoing effort to reveal potentials within deep observership. Paradoxically, Science, rather than being our arbiter of truth, is simply – and profoundly – our arbiter of curious engagement. Within the context of deep observership, truth is a process, as in truth-seeking, aimed at revealing potential.

Permanence is different from though related to materiality, the grounds for determined problem-solving. Materiality is what orients shared approaches to scientific knowledge and inquiry. People bringing awareness of their personal feelings about their personal science – that is, our relationship to curious engagement and resulting deep observership – is an essential part of healing the current cultural wounds involving Science.

Those wounds bear the marks of intergenerational trauma to Science, deep observership, under duress. The opportunity to reconnect with our cosmic nature, a mark of my work here, is also an opportunity to reverse the spirit-sabotaging ancestral history of inquiry of sisters and brothers who were put under duress under the auspices of “Science.” This includes those directly affected through bodily threat or harm because of the reactive need to dishonor spirited curiosity and engagement, to protect dangerous promises of hyper-individuation disguised as progress.

This includes the following admonition: now is not the time for coming to terms with “not knowing.” That is little more than a hyper-individuated escape valve from responsibility.

It’s the time we come together in Knowing – the past. Knowing – our cosmic nature. Knowing – our collective spirit.

– MA-McGee, Aug 2022

Michelle Wallace,