Sacred Fire

What if parity between the cosmos and our physical perceptions of healing already existed due to such perceptions having the capacity to be in harmony with the cosmos itself. Ancient traditions refer to a sacred fire. What is it or could it be comparable to in modern physics and metaphysical philosophy?

These are the kinds of questions I hope those who visit my newer site Healing Generation will begin to formulate.  The answers – the direction and momentum – will unfold, but not before the uncertainty of letting go of old ideas reaches a fever pitch!

I am not longer making new entries on this blog — it is a finished work of curiosity.  I hope you will glean something from it as it is a healing story, the end of which is writing itself now in my revealed life.  No longer Cherokee Paul but Michelle Kathryn McGee, cosmic muckraker!

Even more important to be patient with yourself than with others.  If each of us is in charge of our own patience, we all have all the time we need! Anyway, don’t be afraid to start at the beginning of what you think you know — and at the beginning of this blog.


Cast of Characters

Me – “Cherokee Paul”

22yo swf, native of the west coast of the US, current location unspecified, assumed identity, forced into anonymity by the bad guys who leveled accusations of me being an international Tibetan relic thief.

My parents – let’s call them Dick and Jane Paul

Both are academicians, specifically feminist epistemology and social science. Mortified that I aspire to own a kitchen garden restaurant.  In their minds I am supposed to aspire to break stereotypes by becoming a top biochemist.

My brother – let’s call him John Paul

10 years older than me, famous physicist who went rogue, died last year.  He was not crazy or a threat to himself, and his death was no ordinary accident.

John’s widow – Brooklyn Saffire

(that’s not her real name, I hope you get the idea by now)

Brooklyn is a writer who has become one of my travel partners since John died.

My mentor – Chonyi Gharma

He’s so cool I can’t even explain.  Tibetan ex-pat, owns a restaurant that I worked at all through high school and some since.  Leader of the secret society the Sangha-dhatu that has guarded the location of the Chenpo Terma, at least I think he is.  Still sort of a secret.

Dr. Bernie Ghes

Prize-winning author of self-important books such as Knowing the Unknowable.  Bad guy physicist.  Looter of those less influential than him (i.e. me and the relic given to me and my brother by a Chinese scholar desperate to see it not fall into the wrong hands).

Dr. Roger Dinsch

Australian physician.  Travels to conduct first-hand research into superhuman feats by Tibetan holy men.  My hero.  Dr. D is always in the right place at the right time, and is a walking encyclopedia of unusual (and super-useful) facts.