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Practices derived from a stream-lined physics, flowing into the urge for meaning and order

Same but different

Contemplation that is ontologically-rich

To contemplate means to consider something in depth.  Ontology, a branch of metaphysical philosophy, refers to the process of knowing how things exist, and what they are.   The variety of physical processes at play in the universe are now well-enough characterized to form a systematic ontology of cosmological significance. 

But this is not just about absurdly small, vacuous physical objects, or universal landscapes captured by robotic satellites in inconceivably remote space-time.  The goal of ONT is to provide the framework we need to bring the manifestation of the many scales of organization, change, and meaning that we all experience "close to home".   We all embody complex, emergent systems with the universe itself being no exception.   

Ont Building Blocks

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Existence has a language and words are inadequate to describe it, unless we let certain ones be framed in complex relation to each other in a way that is in harmony with subtle, dynamic reality. ONT, short of ontology, is a relational database that captures such word-existence relationships in a way that is consistent with a proposed cosmologically real, complex algorithmic structure to existence. The resulting meaning-existence relationships beg unique forms of contemplation and are consistent with a wide range of perspective factories and factual gardens – from scientific and spiritual to philosophical.

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