Healing Generation LLC

Currently engaged in consulting roles in support of meta-ontology research and development for co-creative and potentially distributed systems. 

Ongoing writing and instruction in the areas of goodness, languages, intelligence, and systems as reflections of the inherent intelligence and intelligibility of nature. 

Grounded in the cosmic nature of All existence. 

Healing Generation LLC will, through innovative digital development, research and implementation, expand and support the collective development of natural language, mapping, and interlinking resources key to next generation web and IT. 

This has natural consequences of greater harmony, flow, and sense-making. 

Just as individuals can heal and gain meaningful coherence, so will our shared systems.  IT is a grand opportunity.

The collective antidote to existential dissonance is ready to be delivered and Healing Generation is uniquely prepared to deliver it.

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Site in development.  Do come back.

VT Nature Mandala Art

Photo/art credit: "Winter Solstice" by Michelle Wallace, Nature Mandala Art :: VT