I invite you to notice and accept, cautiously if need be, that, at the beginning of the 21st century,

1) we are raising a generation of spiritualist scientists and scientific spiritualists,

2) we need to make more careful efforts to uplift them in their quests rather than subject them to our own outdated ones, and

3) we are obliged by common sense to accept that the first order of business is allowing and assisting with the generation of a coherent sense of reality.

Emerging clarity about what is means to be present with mystery is needed to allow spiritually-rich, scientifically-grounded minds to form the questions, urges, and perceptions that will heal and inspire in ways that only industrialization and globalization have yet demanded.

March 2015

ONT, short for "ontology."  Software available now for free.


Oct 2014

To strong and weak Anthropic Principles add a frail: Cosmology Check

April - Sept 2014

Brilliant Beings Unite! with "Celebrate Mind: dare to be true" (Burlington, VT area meetup) -- thanks to all who participated!

Feb 2014

IF the true/false assumption behind 0s and 1s were false, THEN what?: Beyond Binary

Dec 2013

Joy/courage/presence transmute attachment/control/fear through acceptance and release flows: +Wild-type Coherence

Fall 2013

Living with Strange Loops gatherings on UVM campus: Announcements

October 7 "Is reality more than 'food for thought?'"

Sept 25 "You should give up trying to grasp reality! What it means to be confronted with apathy & nihilism"

May 2013

A Non-Mystical Philosophy of Oneness: Complexly Simple

Cosmological Energy Density and Pressure: Precious Gems of

April 2013

My bio

Healing and Oneness as a Tree

Original works by MKM

Science-y poems (2003), numbered 1-7 so that I may one day attempt an exquisite mathematical calculation of their meaning

The Quanta You Won't Hear About: Quantum Coattails, Quantum Peril, and Quantum Pointlessness (2005)

Hidden: the paradox of revealing nothingness (2010- 2012), blog by my fictional, college-age sidekick

Making Way for Coherence (2011), 7-min talk given by my animated alias Cherokee Paul


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